Hannas commitment to the future

Hannas has an outright commitment to the ongoing development and use of sustainable processes and we pride ourselves on our dedication in providing environmentally aware solutions within all aspects of our business.

The Integrated Management System in place at Hannas across all Health, Safety and Environmental processes ensures we remain consistent in our goal of raising awareness about sustainable solutions and procedures. We continue to be leaders in decision making when it comes to responsible actions about the environment, both in our operations and the world around us.

Hannas remains responsible to all its stakeholders and ensures continued high levels of practice across all health and safety, environmental and quality management systems.

Hannas Sustainability
Hannas Sustainability


Building the future

Hannas is devoted to maintaining sound relationships with local and regional communities and realises the importance of integration and participation of local residents, businesses and all other parties involved with projects, in order to sustain good working practices and harmony within various environments.

We remain sensitive and reliable partners across all projects, enabling Hannas to form solid, positive relationships with the various participating stakeholders and communities.


Safety is no accident

At Hannas, we have a proven WHS track record and are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our personnel and all people associated with our projects.

As seen through our Integrated Management System, Hannas promotes a safe culture towards all practices and implements this through training, instruction and supervision across all fields of the business.

Hannas Sustainability
Hannas Sustainability


Environment sustainability

Hannas is committed in its dedication to environmental concerns, including being shortlisted and highly commended for various projects at the CCF Case Earth awards since 2002.

Hannas manages a portfolio of environmentally challenging projects and is dedicated to creating environmentally sustainable processes and being in the forefront of environmental awareness within the industry. Minimisation is integral to maintaining and reducing negative impacts on the environment and Hannas is actively involved in researching and implementing such systems into the industry.